Before the start of each project, the client is required to read and sign these terms and conditions between the client and Home Declutterers.

1. Confidentiality and Privacy

All conversations between the client and Home Declutterers organiser will be strictly confidential and never discussed with third parties. We like to take before and after photos to showcase our work to other potential clients, however, this will be discussed with the client beforehand, and client’s permission will be needed in writing.

2. Handling Goods
While we take great care to look after client’s items, unfortunately, accidents may occur. We cannot be liable for any losses or damage, and the client will be expected to carry insurance at all times which adequately compensates the client for losses or damage.
Sometimes we may handle items, which have a potentially high market value. We are not a valuer, nor do we have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity, nor qualified to advise the client on valuation matters for insurance purposes.

3. Cancellations

Both the client and Home Declutterers organiser have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances.
If we have to cancel, we will give the client as much notice as possible and offer an alternative date. The client is required to give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation to avoid losing the deposit. When 48 or more notice is given, full deposit will be returned immediately.

4. Payment Terms
To secure client's booking, a 50% deposit is required for the agreed time. This will be discussed during an initial consultation with the client. An invoice will be issued on completion of work and payment will be required in full on the day. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer. For all virtual sessions, payment is required prior to the session via bank transfer.

5. Disposal of Items

If required, on completion of work, we will offer disposal of items from client's property, for example, taking it to a local charity shop or recycling centre. There is a limit of how much we can take, this will be discussed during initial consultation.

6. Working Hours and Breaks
Our normal working hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. We do offer out of hours service; a 10% additional charge will be applied to client’s invoice on top of the regular fees.
Client will not be charged for travelling time, however, in certain circumstances when travel journey exceeds 40 miles from Cambridge, the client will be charged 45p per every additional mile. This will be discussed during initial consultation, if applicable.
If work with the client is booked during lunch hours, a 30-minute break will be taken by Home Declutterers Organiser, for which the client will not be charged.