We provide a friendly & flexible service to clients throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk & Hertfordshire.

Virtual decluttering & organising sessions are available worldwide.


Our virtual sessions are designed to give you professional advice on how to achieve your goals, whether it is decluttering, or space planning and organising. These online sessions typically last one hour during which we discuss in detail what you are trying to achieve, your options and step by step instructions on how to get there. The sessions are completely confidential and take place via Zoom or Skype. After each virtual session, there is a follow up call to check on your progress and to answer any further questions you may have. This follow up care is free of charge. 


Our face to face decluttering service can be booked by the hour (2 hours minimum), or you can pre book our Standard, Premium and Deluxe packages to suit your project. Please refer to 'Prices' page for more details. We will discuss the estimated timeframe to complete your project during the free initial consultation, so you can book with confidence. During decluttering session, we will separate items to keep and the ones you no longer need or want. This will be your decission, we will help and advise you if needed. Depending on the package you choose, we will take care of disposal of unwanted items, take them to a local charity of your choice, recycling center or help you with listing them for sale. We cannot guarantee the sale of your items, however. At the end of the session, your space will be clutter-free, tidy and clean.


If you are fed up with how your room looks or it doesn't serve its purpose anymore then it probably needs a makeover! This may involve some or all of the following: re-decorating, changing colour scheme, changing furniture or just moving around existing furniture to maximise the space. You might be thinking, where do I start? Which colours go well together? What furniture should I get and where from? We can help you answer all your questions. Having a room makeover doesn't have to be expensive. Sometimes small changes like new cushion covers, rug, a couple of shelves or table decoration can make a big difference. We will manage the whole project from start to finish, including decorating, unpacking and assembling furniture, putting shelves up. We also provide in-house bespoke soft furnishings service made to order from your chosen fabric. At the end of the project, you will be left with a tastefully designed, cosy room.


Sometimes a busy lifestyle gets in the way and our homes become untidy, cluttered and disorganised. This is completely normal and can be overcome very quickly with our professional help. We are experts in space planning and design storage solutions that will suit your lifestyle and habits. During our initial consultation we will suggest and agree a storage system for your chosen area that would work the best and then deliver and install it on your chosen day. 


Staged homes attract more viewings and sell for 8% more than non-staged homes according to Rightmove. If you are struggling to sell your home, we can help you style it so it appeals to wide range of buyers. This may involve colour scheme adjustment, decorating, room reorganisation, decluttering and depersonalisation, minor repairs, home accessories.


Moving house? No problem, we can help you make it as stress free as possible. First stage of moving house is usually cleaning and decluttering. We can help you with deep cleaning and shifting unwanted items from your home. When you are ready to pack, we can assist with packing and unpacking, organising your new home and cleaning. With our help, you will be able to enjoy your new home in no time.